Minimally invasive to no prep required, last 15-25 years. Time required 3-5 days.

Starts at $159/ month

Upper Start at $5,500

Lower Start at $4,500

Combined Starts at $9,000

What's included

10 (upper) porcelain veneers

10 (lower) porcelain veneers

Initial exam

X-rays and photos

Starts at $1750 / each

Titanium Implant

Brand: GDT

What's included

Placement of the implant and healing abutment, X-Rays, and photos

Immediate load whenever possible will be an extra $400, this means the patient will leave with a tooth in the missing gap on the same day

Patient will need to come back at a later time for a crown replacing the temporary crown placed before

Starts at $750 / each

e-Max or Porcelain Crowns

Designed by Dr. Z in-house

What's included

Preparing the tooth and the crown

Implant Crown is $800

Done by Dr. Z

X-rays and photos are also included


For only $79

What's included

Comprehensive Exam

X- Rays and photos


Starting at $149per month of aligners depending on the patient's current dental status, it could range from 6 months to 2-3 years.

Starts at $149 / each

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