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Orthodontics In Pembroke Pines, FL

How Can Orthodontics Benefit Me?

When you think of orthodontic treatment, you may think the only benefit of orthodontics is that they give you an aesthetically pleasing smile, but you would be wrong! Orthodontics from Dr. Z of Dr. Z Smiles of Pembroke Pines, FL, can help keep your smile healthy in more ways than you may expect.

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How Orthodontics Can Benefit Your Smile

Everyone knows that orthodontic treatment is used to help give you the straight smile that you’ve always wanted, but you may not realize that it can have lasting benefits that help in other areas of oral hygiene to help strengthen your smile. When you get orthodontic treatment from your dentist in Pembroke Pines, FL, you’ll be able to clean your smile easier. When your teeth aren’t overlapped or crooked, it’s easier to floss and brush without missing any areas of your teeth or gums. In turn, this helps prevent cavities from forming, helps prevent gum disease from developing, and helps prevent tooth decay.

When your teeth are misaligned, it’s hard to clean certain spots of your teeth. This promotes bacteria growth which can cause bone loss to happen. Bacteria can eat away at your teeth and in turn, your jawbone. Orthodontic treatment can help prevent bacteria from building up and can help keep your jawbone intact.

Orthodontics can also help restore natural function back to your smile and can help you bite and chew with ease. When you’re able to enjoy food without pain or irritation, your smile benefits because you can once again feel comfortable eating in public, and you can eat healthy foods that may be crunchy or chewy.

Types Of Orthodontic Treatments

There are different forms of orthodontic treatment that your child can benefit from. Some common forms of treatment include:

Invisalign- Invisalign uses clear aligners to gently push your child’s teeth into the correct, straight position. Invisalign is almost invisible, and no one will know that treatment is happening.

Brackets and Wires- This is a conventional form of orthodontics and is what most people think of when they hear the word braces. This form of treatment can come in the traditional look of metal brackets and wires or can be tooth-colored or even clear.

Lingual Braces- Lingual braces are cemented to the inside of your teeth and are used for a more aesthetically pleasing form of treatment.

To learn more about how an orthodontic treatment can help you both aesthetically and with functionality, contact Dr. Z Smiles of Pembroke Pines, FL,


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